Do you have questions about applying for Social Security disability? Have you been wondering whether you qualify for disability? Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are benefits that may be available to you and your family should you become disabled


Has your Social Security disability claim been denied? Have you recently suffered from an injury or fallen ill? Are you wondering whether you qualify for disability? Ludlum & King, LLC is a disability law firm in Auburn, Alabama that may be able to assist you with the Social Security disability appeals process.

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If you have recently fallen ill or have become disabled in Lee County Alabama, you may have many questions. You might be wondering whether you qualify for Social Security disability. If you have applied for Social Security disability and your claim was denied, you are not alone.


Disabling medical conditions can lead to personal and financial hardships similar to those experienced in natural disasters. Some are able to prepare through insurance, yet others, due to circumstances beyond their control, are less fortunate.

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    When you find yourself asking how you will provide for yourself and your family, we are here so you don’t have to face these challenging times alone. Few know that a portion of the taxes withheld from their pay go to cover the cost of an insurance policy, called Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB or SSDI), designed to protect you in just such a situation. The VA also has a number of programs for those who have served.

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    We handle Veterans’ claims, Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB or SSDI), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases at the administrative and federal levels.