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With current COVID-19 concerns in our area, our office is taking extra precautions for the safety of our clients.  We will conduct as many appointments as possible by telephone to practice social distancing.  Please contact us before coming into the office if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms or have recently traveled.  We will try to accommodate you in the best way possible.  We thank you for your understanding during this time.

Finding the right representative can be a challenge. At Ludlum and King, LLC, our passion is the client. We strive to assist each individual to the best of our ability. Our mission is personal service. Our goal is peace of mind. We are here to handle the red tape associated with your legal claim so that you can focus on more important things.

Georgia Hidle Ludlum, my mother, was admitted to practice law in 1995 and immediately opened a general practice. In August of 1996 my grandfather was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Georgia moved him in with our family and became his nurse. Because she had a nursing degree, she also started doing medical legal consulting from home on a part time basis. During this time, Georgia saw how difficult it was to maneuver through the Social Security Administration. In 2000, my grandfather passed away. At that point, she reopened her office and began practicing Social Security Disability. This area of law combined with her passion for nursing, made it a perfect fit to practice in this area. Georgia instilled in our family the compassion and hard work ethic that the Ludlum Law Offices, LLC was founded upon.

I, Anna Ludlum King, began working at Ludlum Law Offices, LLC as a legal assistant and eventually office manager.  This area of law became my passion and enticed me to attend law school.  I was admitted to practice law in 2009, and have practiced exclusively Social Security Disability since.  The business grew and became a family affair.

In 2011, Georgia was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  Like all of our clients, we experienced the disruption of an unexpected disability.  Life and career suddenly needed adjusting.  Georgia retired and faced the same red tape of the Social Security Administration that so many of our clients have.  She fought her battle until April 26, 2013, but continues to be an inspiration.

We formed Ludlum and King, LLC, and I hope to continue her legacy with the same passion and work ethic that she instilled in me so long ago.  My mother taught me that sometimes we are placed in difficult situations that we may not understand.  However, we must stay positive and trust that something good will come.   I feel confident that as a result of these experiences, my staff and I are better equipped to care for your emotional needs as well as the legal aspects of your claim.  I believe there is a reason for everything and I want you to know that you will not have to walk alone.


Disabling medical conditions can lead to personal and financial hardships similar to those experienced in natural disasters. Some are able to prepare through insurance, yet others, due to circumstances beyond their control, are less fortunate.

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    When you find yourself asking how you will provide for yourself and your family, we are here so you don’t have to face these challenging times alone. Few know that a portion of the taxes withheld from their pay go to cover the cost of an insurance policy, called Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB or SSDI), designed to protect you in just such a situation. The VA also has a number of programs for those who have served.

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    We handle Veterans’ claims, Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB or SSDI), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases at the administrative and federal levels.